Synths & Syllables
to Mar 17

Synths & Syllables

A collaboration and presentation of supreme local synth acts and top notch local lyricists.

Hosted by DJ Oneiric and the Sly Grog Lounge

Performers (in no particular order with more to come):

Charli Jasper
Heironymus Bots
Mike Anderson
Cold Choir

Jolli Crow
Eaze Dogg
Stefan Walden


More info to come. Stay tuned.

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Cyber Sky
5:30 PM17:30

Cyber Sky

In a far dystopian future we believe our world will be filled with the magic of our sci-fi dreams. Our lights will burn brighter. Our transports will fly. Our connection with other worlds will have been made. And we will come together and celebrate in the most elaborate fashions.

Welcome to Cyber Sky. 

An event to represent our dream based reality focusing on where we should be from our illusions past. This is not just any '80s event. We want to see your take on what our futuristic world should have been if we followed the path of the dreamers. 

It's Logan's Run meets Blade Runner meets Liquid Sky. 

Make your outfits. Bring out your fashions. Dress up in your most complex cyberpunk, glitch and future wears. Think neon, metallic, acrylic, and reflection. 

Come dance to the alternative '80s (we'll play most of what you know as well) featuring sounds of synthwave, cyber sounds, early rave and symphonic cacophonies of electronic engagements.

Audio excursions provided by DJ Oneiric and DJ Bongwater

$5 suggested donation

Follow the link for more info

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Electronic Music Showcase
5:00 PM17:00

Electronic Music Showcase

We have begun to broadcast our in house DJ sets every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month so swing by the store and hang out or check out the stream online. Please go to our facebook page and follow us for new sets every month. In town and want to play? Shoot us a message and we’ll see where we can fit you in.

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Mad Props Grand Opening Soiree
12:00 PM12:00

Mad Props Grand Opening Soiree

We're finally having a kick off event to celebrate the grand opening of Mad Props. We will have some DJs playing to the garden and there's a good chance there will be some food and such. So while you're partying the weekend away at the All Go West fest come stop by and check out the new shop, listen to some tunes, and a hang with friends.

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