As part of our idea and endeavour it was always about community support for artists of all types including painters, producers, designers, photographers, DJs and more. We work with a number of local creators on both the retail scale and beyond.

Currently in-store we are featuring:

Burnt Metal Upcycled Clothing - The wears included patched, studded and embellished clothing for men and women as well as handmade accessories.

Scootknot - Custom painted clothing with a modern urban appeal as well as art pieces. Each piece is an original and one of a kind.

Lindsay Stevens - Lindsay’s art pieces are an in your face dive into the obscure. Her portraits and pieces are edgy and on the verge of being uncomfortable but each is a blast to see over and over.

Girl and Goblin - Handmade jewelry and art using taxidermy of bones and bugs.

Portena - A master at her craft of crocheting, Portena brings us hand made hoods, collars, hats, bikini tops, barefoot sandals, and more. Most products are available to custom order for size and color options.

The Unseen Light - Horror inspired pendants of different shapes and designs

Julianne - Starting her creative career off at an early age, Julianne’s handmade earrings have been a hit.